One of the most important items you will need as a new mum will be a great Diaper Bag. We all have our personal taste, either a bag with over the shoulder back straps, so you can keep your hands free, or a stylish clutch that is sleek and easy to carry. It really doesn't matter, just make sure there are plenty of compartments and it is easy to grab what you need quickly!  A Diaper Bag is one thing that will be taken with you for your day out. Whether just out for a quick breakfast, the park, shopping, time at the beach, or even just running errands, it needs to work for you. 

Babies are messy creatures, whether it be a poop explosion or just milk vomit, a spare set (or more) of clothes will come in handy.

Pro-tips: Keeping it well stocked, will be a good time saver. I used to make sure I repacked mine after every outing so that it was ready to just grab if I had to leave quickly for some reason.  It’s so simple to replace what you used when it’s fresh in your mind. 

The question remains…. What do you actually NEED in a diaper bag? We have cut through all the crap (haha see what I did there!) and put together a list of the items every new mum needs in her nappy bag! 

  • A Change Of Clothes

It pays to have a few changes of clothes for your little one. Babies are messy creatures, whether it be a poop explosion or just milk vomit, a spare set (or more) of clothes will come in handy.  I also make sure there is an assortment of warmer or cooler clothes considering the season. These can be put in a zip lock bag or something similar at the bottom of your Diaper Bag, because chances are if your little ones needs an outfit change you will already have the nappies and wipes out too! If you are toilet training your toddler, add a few clean pairs of training pants or underwear, you may like to put these in a separate bag for convenience. Remember all these dirty clothes need to be taken home as well, so add a waterproof bag you can throw everything into to transport home.

Snuggly Jacks Announcement disks and burp cloths presented in a modern nursery


  • Burp Cloths, Change Pad & Bib

 Babies have this sixth sense. They know when you are out enjoying your day and they always manage to throw in more amounts than usual of spit up and poopy diapers. Pack a 5 pack of our Snuggly Jacks Burp Cloths to make sure you have a way to clean up any unwanted mess. They are also perfect to use as a portable change pad! If you have a dribbly baby or they are eating solids, packs few extra bibs. 

Side Note: Now is probably a good time to mention the spare shirt for yourself, for the occasions when your bubba poops or vomits all over you!!!

  • First Aid Kit

 On a family outing I never go far without a small ziplock bag of essential first aid supplies. Obviously, the choice is up to you on what is taken but I make sure that band-aids, sun protection (I attempt to get a product with more natural ingredients), a small container of disinfectant and any teething gel or medication for an upset tummy in case they are needed. 

  • Pacifiers / Soothers

If your little one has grown used to having a pacifier to help smooth themselves, make sure you have more than one. I usually tried to have two clean ones in the bag for backup. There is nothing worse than loosing a soother and not having a spare when you are out! 

Small baby laying on a bed with a snuggly jacks knitted blanket
Snuggly Jacks Taupe Knitted Blanket


  • Wraps & Blankets

 Grab a few of your favourite Snuggly Jacks Wraps  or Knitted Blankets
 to pack into your diaper bag. You never know when the weather will change, or if you will be stuck out later than expected. Wrapping your bubba in a stretch or muslin wrap, will help settle them down for that important sleep and a blanket will keep that cool breeze from waking your sleeping beauty. We also love a throw blanket in place of a Snuggly Jacks Playmat when out, so your baby can get some very important tummy time, while you are enjoying your surroundings. 
  • Snacks & Water

Have on hand some of your favourite snacks. Yep thats right I said YOUR. If you are  breastfeeding you will be amazed at how hungry you can get. Making sure you have a healthy snack and plenty of water will help to make your outing less stressful. If your baby is at an age that they have been introduced to solids, ensure there is something for them as well. Also, if your baby is bottle fed, make sure you have cool boiled water, formula and bottles.. You definitely don't want to be caught without enough, hungry babies aren't fun to be around!

Wipes are not just great for nappy changes but for post-ice cream clean-ups and beyond. Trust me.

  • Toys & Books

One of the last items I usually throw in the Diaper bag is a small selection of  books, toys, or teethers. These items are very handy to use in a pinch! There will be times when your little one becomes restless and having something to help entertain them will be a god send!!

  • Diapers & Wipes

This is obvious, but don’t forget to keep these towards the top for quick changes! I usually go with at least 6 diapers stocked in the bag. I would always restock after every outing. Wipes are not just great for nappy changes but for post-ice cream clean-ups and beyond. Trust me, being the Mum who still has wipes in her purse as her kids grow, has saved me from more than one situation!! We also love Snuggly Jacks Wash Cloths for this purpose as they are reusable!

  • Wallet or Purse

Since the Diaper Bag will become your must have, for a few years, it only makes sense to carry your wallet or purse in it. Making sure your bag has a special department for your wallet/purse will make all the difference, you won't have to go searching every time you need it.

Remember, it has to work for you and your baby. Regardless of what you have in your diaper bag, make sure that it’s always easily accessible for you to grab quickly. Keep it in the console table at your front door or on a hook in the garage. You never know when you will need it!

Robyn xx