WoooHoooo!!! Congratulations mumma! You are Pregnant.... finally or surprisingly... It honestly doesn't matter. You are here because you are looking for a fun and creative way to announce to your family and friends that you are expecting a little bundle of joy! 

Announcing your pregnancy is so exciting! I remember the excitement of telling my parents they were going to be grandparents for the first time. Luke and I had been trying for 5 years, and even though they new we were doing IVF, they were as reserved as we were after 3 miscarriages and multiple failed attempts.  

That's where we come in to your journey! With so many pregnancy announcement ideas out there, it can be so overwhelming to choose. So we have put together a list of 5 of the best baby reveal ideas that will make your heart burst with joy! 

1. Surprise Family Portrait

We love this idea the most as it's the best way to capture the surprise on everyone's face. At your next family get together, gather everyone together for a group picture. When it's time to take the photo say '1, 2, 3.... I'm Pregnant!'  and then take a burst of photos to capture your families reactions. You can either hire a photographer and explain the idea to them, or set your phone or camera up to capture the moment yourself. You will have this moment to keep forever and what a special way to show your children how excited everyone was with the news of their arrival! 

2. Family Game Night

One fun way to announce your pregnancy is to host a family game night. You can either play Pictionary or Charades. When it's your turn start acting out the great news and see how long it takes your family to catch on! If your more of a Scrabble kind of family, spell out your secret message with the word tiles. 

3. A Special Gift

Maybe you want to go with something a little more simple. A gift that the new grandparents will need. We love our Sleeping Door Hangers as a gift that your parents might need when they are babysitting your little one. We also love these Wine Bottle Labels for you to add to your parents favourite wine as a dinner party gift. 


4. Save The Date

Looking for something a little more simple? Why not a simple save the date card. Ask your family and friends to block out your due date in their calendars. When they ask why answer with a simple ' Thats when our baby is due' and wait for the penny to drop! If confusion persists, hand them a picture of your sonogram. Make sure you have a camera handy to record this reaction!

5. Movie Poster

If you can come up with a movie title that can perfectly represent your pregnancy experience and parenthood expectations, what would it be? Are you expecting a horror story, epic adventure, action film, or maybe a comedy?

That will be entirely up to you. You can then create a movie poster for this imagined yet based on the real-life feature.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the whole situation, or you are too excited to keep a secret, just enjoy the beauty of the moment. Make a call, or do it face to face, whichever way feels the most natural. No matter which way you decide to announce, you are embarking on one of the most special journeys of your life. ENJOY IT!