Congratulations!!!  You’re pregnant.  As each passing week goes by, that little person in your womb is rapidly growing and developing. Your baby started as a small sack of cells, and as the months go by he/she is turning into a person.  Developing  arms, legs, fingers and toes. You should be so proud as your body is doing something wonderful! You don’t need to wait until the arrival of your baby to start the bonding experience. Whatever journey you and your partner took to conceive this child, your baby is there and now is the time to start creating a lifelong bond. 

We put together a list of the top 10 ways you can bond with your baby while you are still pregnant. 

1. Talk, Talk, Talk 

Your baby will love hearing your voice as you tell him/ her about your day or  how excited you are to meet them. Have a name picked out already? Consider using their name during your conversations. This helps bub to recognize your voice and will help to sooth them when they are out in the big bad world.

2. Story Time

It might feel strange to read to your unborn baby, but this can become a smoothing activity for both of you. Your baby may not understand the story, but he/she loves to hear your voice. Choosing children's books with a lot of rhyming words is a step forward in their language development.  This is a great way to get your partner involved with the bonding process as well. Your little one will learn to recognize the voice of their other parent. Starting this habit now will build a good pattern of reading together, later in life.

4. Get In Touch With the Star Inside

Playing calming relaxing music to your baby whilst in the womb can help as a future tool for you when they are earthside. Any form of familiarity for them can help to sooth and comfort, When bub is earthside and restless you can play the music that you previously played to them in the womb and they will likely calm down. Singing along to your favorite songs can also help create a magical bond between mum and bub. 

5. Touch

What a wonderful period of time you are heading towards!! Babies love being touched, hugged and snuggled, with heaps of butterfly kisses.  The best way to do this while they are in utero is to rub your belly. It is comforting to have this important physical affection. They will love the feel of your touch and as bub becomes more active, you might find that they will give you a gentle kick or move more. This connection between you both is super powerful and your partner will also be able to experience this connection by rubbing your belly. 

6. Have An Ultrasound

It is such an amazing experience to be able to actually see your baby move in real time. Hearing that heartbeat is the ultimate way to feel a connection to your soon to be little love! It is also the most powerful way to give you and your partner peace of mind as your baby develops and grows. Your health professional may require ultrasounds during your pregnancy, but if you ever feel the need to be reassured that your pregnancy is progressing normally, as well as seeing your baby again, talk to your health professional about additional ultrasounds. The idea is to do your research first and know what is available to you both. Remember sometimes your partner may need to feel reassured as well.

7. Become A Writer

Are you a writer?? Even if you aren't, maybe now is the perfect time to start. Keeping a journal at this important time of your life not only gives you a great tool to reflect on, but will give the opportunity to have the most important memories of your hopes and wishes.. As your child grows they will love listening to these wishes and your experiences of a time when you carried them everywhere. 

8.Take Time For Yourself

Time to be a little selfish. Taking that lazy walk or having a swim (especially in the heat of our summer) will keep you both healthy as well as being safe to do, even for the most idle mums. These gentle movements are also relaxing and comforting for both of you. Another relaxing and calming activity for you both is taking a bath. 
Just like getting a massage, a bath allows time for your body to rest. One of my favourite things to do is to fill a bath with magnesium flakes, essential oils ( make sure you research what oils are safe to use during pregnancy,) and add some bubbles if you feel the need. This is a great time to use some of that meditation or classical music, lay back, relax and imagine all the new exciting events that are coming in your future. This is something the two of you can ‘do together’.

9.Family And Hobbies

Make sure you are having positive interactions, fill the space you are in with laughter, and enjoyment, your baby will sense the peace of mind you are experiencing. Allow your baby to hear the voices of any siblings, cousins, grandparents, etc. It is also important if you have a dog, when the baby hears the dog bark in the womb, the less likely they are going  to be surprised by it once they are home.
Do you have a favorite hobby? ‘Bring your baby along’ with you. Now is a great time to have a conversation with your baby. Tell them about where you are going, or what you like to do. The sounds or movements that your baby experiences in utero, will become familiar to them once they are born.

10. Family Bonding

Playing games with your little one is not only fun but signals to them that you are there and you love them. There is nothing more wonderful than when you feel a kick or movement. Giving back a light push on that area or rubbing your stomach helps to strengthen the bond. This is now your little family, make sure you take your partner on this journey with you, after all you are all in it together. Encourage them to be involved as much as possible. They can read the baby a book or sing a song, maybe they rest their head on your stomach and tell the baby a story. Their bond is important too.

This is your opportunity to start creating a bond with your unborn baby as you anxiously await their arrival.  You may like to utilize one or all of the ideas on this list, or research some of your own. This is your journey, so do what you feel comfortable with, enjoy the ride into this amazing adventure.

Robyn xx