I don't know about you, but I have always found so much more joy in Christmas since we added little ones to our house. It seems even more special to have a little face light up when they open their gifts on Christmas morning. However, knowing and deciding what to get you baby when they don't even know what Christmas is, can be a little on the difficult side. We always found it hard to decide whether we go crazy and get them all the things, or if we just get a couple of essentials given that they won't really remember this moment anyway. We know how important it is to make this time fun and exciting for all members of the family, so we have put together a few tips on how to shop for your baby at Christmas. 

1. Plan For Growth.

Babies really don't need a lot in terms of gifts, after all they grow so quickly that most of the time they get very little use out of items that are not focused on development and growth. Start by thinking ahead, what will they need in a few months time? What will you 'have' to buy anyway? We always try to disguise some of our necessities  as Christmas Gifts. Its a great time to think of buying for winter. Maybe a new Crib Quilt or knitted blanket.

2. Books Books and More Books

Reading to your little one right from day one has been shown to help develop their imagination and stimulate their sensors. There is so much value children get from looking at the pictures, hearing you read the stories and touching the pages. We always encouraged grandparents, aunties & uncles and friends to buy books for our little ones. As parents we found reading before bedtime helped to sooth and calm our girls and it became a fundamental part of our bedtime routine.  Create a wish list on amazon and share with everyone who will be looking for that special gift for your little one.

3. Keep It Real

Have you ever hear your other mummy friends complain about how their little ones had more fund ripping up the gift wrapping then they did with the actual gift?? That's a very real drama! For little ones under 12 months old they get so much out of the 'unwrapping'. So why not wrap up a few things that you would be purchasing anyway? Got a box of nappies? Pop some pretty Christmas wrap on it and stick it under the tree. Your little ones won't even realize but will have so much fun being apart of the whole experience! We found things like new crib sheets, knitted baby blankets and even the next size up clothes were perfect gifts for our littles. 

4. Developmental Gifts that are FUN!

We all know babies do so much growing in that first few weeks and months and as parents we spend so much time obsessing over whether they have hit that new milestone or whether they are developing at the same speed as everyone else. Christmas is a great time to purchase gifts that can help with your little ones development. Think about activity centres and playmats, rattles or teething rings for babies aged 0-6 months. Blocks, bath toys and walkers for babies aged 6-12 months....... You get my drift!

5. Experiences!

As most of you know our family has had a huge focus on experiences over things, so there is no doubt that this would make our list. We always make sure our girls have some sort of experience under the tree on Christmas morning. Maybe a trip to the zoo or aquarium, a theme park or even the local bounce house. Whatever it is, gifting an experience is perfect for those who already have a living room filled with toys and activity centers, and also for those looking to place more emphasis on a whole family experience.

6. Add Something Sentimental

What better opportunity than Christmas to add a keepsake item. Something that you will be able to treasure for years to come. We love gifts like tree ornaments with babies name and the year, a personalized book or even monogramed pajamas. Yes we know that your little one will probably not understand the importance of this gift, but its something you will be able to treasure for years to come. 

Hopefully we have given you some ideas to help in your Christmas hunt. If you have any other suggestions we would love to hear them! Pop a comment below or email us with your ideas!