How To Keep Your Baby Warm 

Most people love those cool winter nights. The ability to snuggle up next to a fire, cozy under a warm knitted blanket or drink a steaming cup of tea. It is a lot easier to know how to keep yourself warm but with the cooler months upon us we often question how are we to safely keep baby warm? That is the million-dollar question. Below are some tips to keeping baby warm, achieving the ultimate night sleep.

 If winter helps you curl up and more that makes it, one of the best of the seasons.

Murray Pura

Set the nursery to the right temperature.

Its all about the temperature. Setting the perfect temperature between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius is the optimal way to create the perfect winter sleeping conditions. Set your house heating or warm the room with a portable heating system. However not all of us have a heater or the ability to purchase one. Keep reading for alternate ways to keep baby warm while sleeping.

 Gender Neutral Nursery with a wooden cot with snuggly jacks gingham cot quilt on it
Snuggly Jacks Sand Gingham Crib Quilt

 Use a rug to warm the space.

The ideal way to keep heat in and cool air out is a rug under the crib. This is especially important for all those nurseries without carpet. Rugs act as an extra layer of insulation trapping the cool air under them and preventing it from entering the room. A rug also can fit nicely into any nursery design. An alternate option is our 100% cotton Playmats. Just slip one under baby’s cot during the night and it will act the same as a rug or carpet.

 What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.

John Steinbeck

Newborn Baby Tummy Time Playmat by Snuggly Jacks laying on the ground of a baby nursery
Golden Leaves Playmat

Use Natural Fibers.

Natural fibers such as cotton have a magic ability to draw heat from the skin when required while also keeping the environment cool. Naturally regulating their body temperature. Not only dressing your baby in clothing with high levels of cotton but also using 100% cotton fitted crib sheets will help to keep baby warm. Try a Snuggly Jacks Crib Quilt which is made from 100% cotton and acts as that final much needed barrier between baby and the outside elements.

 Baby Cot with Snuggly Jacks Australiana Fitted Cot Sheet on it
Australiana Fitted Crib Sheet

The more layers the better.

Instead of putting baby in one super warm outfit try dressing in layers. The last thing we want to do is overheat baby or not have baby warm enough. Layers allow you to have control over the temperature of your baby, taking layers off or adding layers as required to reach their optimal body temperature. To check their temperature, place your hand on their chest. If it is hot to touch, or they seem clammy they are overheating. If they are cool to the touch, they are too cold, and you need to add more layers. Make each layer light. Preferably items made from high levels of cotton and make them items that are easy to add or remove.

Keep the baby warm, secure and relaxed.

Swaddle to mimic the womb.

Swaddling can keep the baby warm, secure and relaxed. Not only having the ability to be one of those much-needed layers but to also assist baby with a relaxed sleep. Using a Jersey Stetch Swaddle Wrap allows for a tight easy swaddling experience having the ability to mimic the mother’s womb. With its high level of sustainable cotton, it acts as a layer of protection against that cool air.

 Baby Girl laying in a bassinet swaddled in a Snuggly Jacks Jersey Swaddle Wrap with matching Top Knot
Dusty Mauve Jersey Swaddle Wrap 

Keep baby comfortable.

During the winter months our skin tends to dry out. Keep baby comfortable by moisturizing their skin. This will prevent any type of rash caused by dry skin.

One of the things to easily forget is to keep all windows closed to prevent cool air leaking into the nursery. Cover windows with curtains at night to keep the cool air out.

 "It seems like everything sleeps in winter, but it's really a time of renewal and reflection." ―Elizabeth Camden

Remember each baby is individual and what may work for one may not work for another. As their parent you have the best idea of what options will keep your baby warm during those cold winter nights. Comment with what did and didn’t work for you or if you have any tips of your own.